Sustain and support us as we live through divorce and separation.
Hold us gently as we struggle with the understanding and realisation of the hurt and disappointment.
God of tenderness, reassure and encourage us to turn to you in prayer so that we may come to know the depth and fullness of your love.

Jesus our Saviour,
We thank you for your gifts of forgiveness and reconciliation.
Guide and challenge us to honour and respect the complexities of the human heart.
Grant us open and forgiving hearts so that we may be a real and visible sign of your love and forgiveness in the world.
Jesus, our hope, be with us as we live the pain of divorce and separation.

Holy Spirit, our comfort,
We thank you for your gift of love.
Inflame our hearts so that we may be strengthened, inspired and recreated to move into a new phase of our life in faith, hope and love.
Holy Spirit let us never forget the eternal promise of God’s everlasting love.