1. Why is marriage so important to the Church? Is it always ‘for keeps’?

2. Why do some couples feel that they are no longer able to ‘live’ their marriages?

3. How should spouses respond to challenges in marriage?

4. Should couples try to stay together for the sake of their children?

5. How can the Church declare that some marriages are invalid and the couple free to marry again? Isn’t annulment just ‘Catholic divorce’?

6. Who should approach the Church tribunal?

7. What is involved in the Church tribunal process? Is it expensive?

8. What if one spouse refuses to cooperate with the tribunal process?

9. Can a couple who have married or remarried outside the Church obtain the Church’s blessing?

10. What is the connection between marriage and the Eucharist?

11. Does divorce automatically exclude someone from Communion?

12. Can a divorced and remarried person receive Communion?

13. May a couple just ‘follow their conscience’ in these matters?

14. Is the Eucharist always denied to those who have remarried without the Church’s blessing?

15. What is the role of the priest in assisting persons to make conscientious judgements in this area?

16. In what ways can those who are divorced and remarried still share in the life of the Church?

A Prayer