As the train pulled away from the station Elizabeth, café latte in hand, sat down next to her friend Lucy. They worked at the same firm in the city and for the last three years had commuted together. They sat in the lower level of the third carriage on the 7:35 train. On this particular morning Lucy was engrossed in a book as Elizabeth sat down.

‘Good morning’ Elizabeth said. ‘What are you reading?’

Lucy marked her page and showed her friend the cover of the book.

The Da Vinci Code? Isn’t that coming out in theatres soon?’ Elizabeth asked, sipping her coffee.

‘This weekend.’ Lucy replied. ‘A few of us are talking about going on Saturday. Are you interested?’

‘Sure’ Elizabeth replied. ‘Do you like it?’ she asked, pointing to the book.

‘It’s great. I can hardly put it down.’ Lucy replied. ‘Have you read it?’ she asked.

‘Yeah.’ Elizabeth said then averted her eyes as Lucy asked the question she’d been dreading.

‘Hey, you’re a Christian aren’t you? What do you think of all this?’

‘I thought it was a pretty good piece of fiction I suppose.’ she said.

‘Sure, but what about the claims it makes. You have to admit the evidence is pretty compelling. All those clues in DaVinci’s paintings, church architecture and those ancient documents. The fact page says they’re all accurate.’

‘Um…’ stumbled Elizabeth. She didn’t know what to say.