Once more let's eavesdrop on Elizabeth's conversation.

Elizabeth sat down next to Lucy. She opened her bag and pulled out a small New Testament.

'Here,' she said, passing it to her friend, 'a New Testament, like I promised yesterday. Oh, and I have an answer for you about Jesus' marital status.'

'Oh?' Lucy said.

'There is no evidence to support the belief that Jesus was married to anyone let alone Mary Magdalene.'

'What about the passage in the Gospel of Philip.' Lucy asked.

'Do you have your copy of the book?'

'Yes.' Said Lucy, handing the novel to Elizabeth.

'Dan Brown wasn't really accurate in his description of the text,' Elizabeth said, flipping to Chapter 58. 'It's actually a fragmented text which doesn't include the words 'the Saviour', 'Christ', 'often' or 'lips'.'

'That changes the text a bit!' Lucy exclaimed.

'It sure does. And this is the strongest reference to anything even remotely romantic between Jesus and Mary.' Elizabeth said.

'Wow. I guess this is a fictional work.' Lucy said, thoughtfully.

'Are you still keen to find out more about Jesus?' Elizabeth asked.

Lucy was silent for a moment. 'Yes. Yes, I am.' She picked up the New Testament Elizabeth had given her. 'Where do I start?'

'We can start with the Gospel of Mark…'