Memorable Lives, which has been sponsored by WN Bull, is a landing page on the CathNews website which allows Subscribers and readers to record the obituaries of friends and family in order to notify the wider Catholic community of not only a death but also to commemorate the lives and the achievements of the departed.

The notices will remain on the landing page for a month, then go into the CathNews archive where they will remain searchable after the posts have expired on the CathNews landing page.

The names and links will also be transferred to this page on Catholic Australia where they will be alphabetised and remain for the life of the site.

We hope that in time this service will become a favourite feature of the CathNews and Catholic Australia websites, recording the lives and doings of Catholics – both well-known and those who are known well in their own families and communities from around the country. These “In Memoriams” for people who have lived lives of faith and service are an extension of our weekly Living Catholic feature on CathNews Perspectives every weekend.