current1You will find information on the Church's teaching on refugees and asylum seekers on several web sites. 

On the website of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, under Latest News, you will find media statements on the matter. You will find several more statements at the page of the Bishops Committee for Migrants and Refugees.

Each year, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference publishes a statement on Social Justice Sunday (usually in September). In 2014, the statement called for a national recommitment on global poverty. 

The website of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council provides a media release portal. Click here.

  • The Unwanted Stranger? Refugees in Australia
    The asylum process can be a long and traumatic one for the refugee applicants. Mental health workers note that applicants can be traumatised by the process and may be even worse off at the end than when they started, especially if in detention.
  • Are We Welcoming The Stranger?
    In Australia, there has been much publicity about immigration, refugees and asylum seekers. Often the debate is ill informed and driven by intolerance and fear. This publication hopes to provide some perspective to these public debates and to promote views that respect the dignity and rights of all peoples.
  • Position Paper On The Plight Of Asylum Seekers
    This paper outlines the concern of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council (ACSJC) and the Australian Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office (ACMRO) over the plight of asylum seekers in Australia and the injustice of government policies and regulations which affect them.
    The ACSJC and ACMRO hope this information will prompt wider discussion of the suffering of asylum seekers, and help readers who wish to take action and provide support.
  • Background Paper On Asylum Seekers In Australia
    This paper serves as background and additional information to the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council's Position Paper, The Plight of Asylum Seekers.

Click on Catholic Social Justice Series Papers and you will find a list of publications that include THE CALL TO HOSPITALITY: CATHOLIC TEACHING ON REFUGEES by Sandie Cornish. Note that these papers must be purchased from the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council.

You might like to search the Vatican web site,
Click on English | The Holy Father | The Roman Curia | Pontifical Councils where you will find Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant Peoples. There you will find quite a number of documents. In particular, at the end of the list is the Jubilee Charter of Rights of Displaced People.

In 1993 the Vatican (Pontifical Councils 'Cor Unum' and for Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People) published a document, Refugees: A Challenge to Solidarity. This document of 28 pages is definitely worth reading.


This material was prepared by Elizabeth Delaney sgs, Information Officer, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. Copyright © 2005.