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What does the Catechism say about Mary? 'The Virgin Mary . . . is acknowledged and honored as being truly the Mother of God and of the redeemer... She is clearly the mother of the members of Christ.' Mary gives us all a wonderful example of how to live a spiritual life in relationship with God.  


 Thomas Merton 1

Thomas Merton's poetic language draws us into a contemplative aware-ness of the sacredness of the present moment. He evokes the mystery that in the simplest tiny flower we can see everything and nothing. We can experience that God is.


Meseeret Defar 5 km runner

How do we in busy urban Australia, worrying about two jobs, children, mortgage and school fees, maintain an active spirituality? How do we satisfy our hunger for the infinite?


Quiet space for prayer 2

With all of creation, I am immersed in God.
I allow myself to let go of the past and the future,
To leave all my concerns in God's hands,
And to simply be with God,
Here and now.