Christ the Teacher

Jesus (c.1 BC-c.30 AD) was a Jew who lived with and taught a small band of followers  (including members of his own family) in Israel at the time of the Roman occupation. I(mage by Renata Sedmakova /


The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci

We might well ask who Jesus is, but he throws the question back to us: 'Who do you say that I am?' (Mk. 8:27). And it is not a neutral question. It is a decisive question.That question is at the heart of our faith, and at the heart of the world.


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Jesus told his Apostles on several occasions that he was leaving them in order to send to them a mysterious Person to help and teach them. He called this person the 'Spirit of Truth' and the 'Counsellor'.


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Every community holds its heroes in great honour. The believing Christian community is no exception. The whole aim of our lives is to be Christlike. The saints help us by their example to do this.